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        Tangshan Caofeidian District Deyang Shipbuilding Co., Ltd


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        Tangshan Caofeidian District Deyang Ship Repair Co., Ltd.
        Repair of operating ships and offshore platforms (except for administrative licenses); repairs of houses, building decoration works, water supply and drainage maintenance works, greening project construction; fire-fighting equipment and maintenance of life-saving equipment; repair and installation of refrigeration equipment; ship pollutants (sewage water, Garbage) Receiving; wholesale and retail: Wujinjiaodian, building materials (except wood, lime), ship accessories, steel, chemical products (excluding dangerous goods), communications equipment, barreled lubricants, oil drilling equipment, tools and accessories; domestic Ship agency and domestic cargo transport agent; Warehousing services (excluding dangerous goods); Steel structure production, maintenance of oil drilling equipment; Metal container production and leasing (Projects subject to approval by law, approved by the relevant departments before carrying out business activities)

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